Pack Pulls?

So I’ve never really played this game throughout the season entirely. I usually get burned out after about two months or so. That being said because I don’t play it for the duration the games life cycle I don’t pull many packs after the first two months. For those who do, do the packs feel more juiced or is it still constant garbage common/bronzes toward the end. I’m asking because I just started 2K which I never really tried the MyLeague in and just about every pack pull has been 91 or higher players. (I believe Amethyst which is their equivalent of diamond)

The odds are consistent. No funny business. This is not 2k, where the algorithm factors in money spent and time spent playing the game to exploit gambling tendencies.

I killed it on packs all year last year. So far I’ve pulled one diamond ketel marte. I’ve done the conquest map 3 times so that’s over 30 packs there. I got over 600 program stars for the first inning and I’m a silver 5 right now.

I’ve ripped a ton of packs that I’ve earned and don’t have much to show for it

Nothing funny in packs, but they released tons of (free) content last year in October and beyond to keep people playing. The Conquest maps were bloated with rewards and free diamonds, Moments too but not masochistic enough to do them even for Vlad Sr of my Expos.

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