Lineup construction in Showdown

How do you set up your lineup? I know to base it on the pitching handiness of the Boss youre facing.

Buy do you load all your left/righr handed hitters in a row; based on who you're facing?

Or do you switch it up by going RH, LH, RH, LH, etc?

I just put my best hitters at the top of the lineup in order, best to worst.

I just set my lineup based on attributes against the handedness of the pitcher. So it’s a lefty pitching, I’ll put a lefty batter near the top if his attributes are better vs lefties than the rest of my righties.

I’ll stack lefties if I can or righties I’d I need too. On one showdown you need both because of a lefty boss, so just get guys you can hit with. I take some that don’t have stats but I swing wel with ( Jason heyward, asdrubal cabrera etc)

Just depends on the players. I tend to use my best hitter with decent speed first, my best overall hitter 2nd, then, I just go essentially from best to worst and have one guy on the bench for my pitcher.

I have a harder time hitting lefty on lefty, so I will stack RH bats if I know the showdown boss or any of the mini bosses are a tough lefty. Against Righties I just take the best hitters period. For the AL East showdown, right hander G Cole is the main boss but I'll go more RH bats in my lineup if I plan on facing Chris Sale in the mini boss challenge.

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