Pack luck....

Decided to flip a few cards and buy a 20 pack and see if I could get any diamonds. Only diamond was Bryce Harper (who I already had). Sold him and bought Sixto Sanchez and Mitch Keller on the market to add to my pitching depth. Curious to see how they do. I've hit Keller ok in the past, but I've never faced Sanchez. Cant wait to try them out. My goal for prospects is still to add Pearson.

Pearson is disgusting

I just bought Pearson off the market. The cheapest I’ve seen his cars go so I snagged it. If it drops in price more oh well, his fastball is gross

I'm so close to unlocking the Kluber card him and Pearson at the top of the rotation would be 🔥🔥🔥

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