Base running video

I'm looking for a good video that explains base running in this game. I'm so sick of players I don't want going, running. Then you try to get them back and it send the player you want going forwards back. So annoying.
For example. I had bases loaded. I hit a fly ball to the right outfield. The game decided to hold the players until it knew if it would be caught. When I knew it wasn't going to be. I told my runners to go. One scored, but somehow I got two players between 3rd and home. I tried to get the runner coming around 3rd back. But they both went back. I know the left stick is suppose to control the runner you want. But it doesn't seem to do [censored].

Online or offline?
Online base running for me is useless, the command take 2-3 seconds to kick is, so it's impossible to do sac flies or grabbing an extra base after a drop.

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