Joey Gallo

Just destroyed Blake Snell in the players tourney. Put up 11 runs in a 3 inning game. The man, the myth, the legend continues to grow...

He needs to win so we get a juiced up Gallo. Jack that vision up to 80.

LoLz I seen that good ish dude Eduardo got no hit by Blake LoL ....u tryna join my Lg Joey.? Looking for 1 for 14 man HOF LG competitive

ERod seems like a sweet guy. He needs to practice!

I was watching Gallo’s stream right after the Trevor May game, and he said something along the lines of “I just wanted to at least get one win.”

proceeds to hammer three more opponents

Joey’s a bit of a hustler it seems.

“I can’t hit with my card”

Proceeds to hit like six bombs in two games with his card.

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