CPU Ninja Robots

The cpu reactions are insane in every way! Bunting is worthless, because they always get you out at second with ninja fielding, and having it programmed to always know if they can get the out. A successfully bunt is way more common in real baseball then a double play bunt, but opposite in this game.

Base running is also brutal because the CPU will know exactly when you press an advance button. I accidentally bumped L1 in showdown after a pop up, then immediately pressed R1. They proceeded to get a triple play on me, and I could do nothing because my base runners seemed to be stuck in quick sand while the cpu threw the millisecond I bumped L1 on accident.

No need to mention the fielding, and every fielder looking like Willie Mays.

I hate making a negative post because I do love this game! This just got to me last night.

The CPU does make some astonishing plays

I agree with the base running part for sure. 90% of the time they pick me off when trying to steal. Even if I don’t do an additional lead. Yet if I don’t push the steal button they just throw the pitch like normal.

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