Have been trying for days to get the HR with a Gold OF daily completed.

12-15 Event games with Gold OF at multiple positions eith no luck.

Decided to try one last time; before I reset the Daily last night.
Went into the bottom if the 4th in an 0-0 Events game. Neither of us had any hits up to that point.

He walks LS Mondesi on 6 pitches. FS Robles up to bat. I steal second with Mondesi and he intentionally walks Robles.

I successfully complete a double steal with Mondesi and Robles; with LS Gallo up to bat.

He must've thought I was going to attempt a squeeze play and try to bunt Mondesi in, as he proceded to pitchout 4 times, thus walking Gallo.

With 0 outs and bases loaded, the thought crossed my mind, but I wanted a shot at hitting that HR.

Next up to bat was LS Stanton. Bases loaded.

Guess he thought sac squeeze again, as 3 pitch outs again. But then he threq two straight strikes to make it 3-2.

He hung the next pitch and Stanton hit a 387 ft no doubt walk-off Grand Slam for the win and my HR with a Gold OF!

Now, if only I could do that in Showdown.

They should make a movie about that ending! Epic!

I struggled w that one too and did the same thing had gold OF at every position except catcher and SS, no gold of had those as a secondary. I did not enjoy those games!

Glad they didn’t disconnect on you

@Son_of_the_Blood said in Finally!:

Glad they didn’t disconnect on you

Yeah. That was my first thought when I hit it. He didnt even dashboard after it landed.

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