Ranked seasons and variation in difficulty (600’s harder?)

So I spent weeks stuck in the 600’s, the pci is too big and the pitch speeds are too slow. The art of pitching is lost and average hitters can crush mistakes with little skill. I finally make it out into DS two days ago, and breezed through to CS without a loss. The games were legit grinds but fun as hell and challenging for both sides. You had to be on your A game or you lost. This game plays so much better on hof+ it’s not even funny. I think that there should be uniform pitch speeds / pci size on ranked, like there is for events. Maybe if you want to have something easy for newbies leave spring training , regular season and all start for all star and veteran difficulties. The 600’s are an absolute purgatory for competitive players to get stuck in and it really sucks. When I play ranked and roll my squad out i want to play on hof against other serious players. I shouldn’t have to [censored] shoot 20 games in WC to get there. You can say get gud or whatever, but the slow pitch speeds / big pci completely destroy the quality of game on WC, and it’s a barrier to the real quality gameplay. Why is it that it’s harder to win in WC than it is DS? Rant over - and in closing I encourage people stuck in the 500 and 600’s to keep grinding , your probably better than those divisions are allowing you to be! Best of luck show fam

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See I’m the opposite I’m in the gap between all star and hall of fame. I think that divisional is tough probably because I played the last two games on all star.

I agree 100% and had the exact same run as you. I struggled getting out of AS simply because of the randomness. Squared up balls registered as good/okay multiple times a game and pitching may as well have been a guessing game. Once I made it out I went on a 12-3 run to make WS and felt like I deserved most of my wins. There were a couple where I got lucky, one where I was unlucky, and one loss was due to a connection error. But yeah, the game is significantly better on HOF+. All star is basically the same as 19 when you factor everything in

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