It’s pretty obvious by now that the people they have programming gameplay simply are not capable of turning out a decent product that doesn’t have glaring issues (things that either a) anyone who watches baseball would know don’t happen like my example below or b) issues that should never exist in a “finished” product ie outfielders not locking onto fly balls). Let me give you an example of awful programming. The Al Kaline WS moments, I hit a good squared up ball to center (102mph) that is clearly going over the cf head and going all of 420 feet. Instead of Schoop going nearly all the way to second so he can advance to third walking when the ball gets drops, he stops 5 steps off first and prevents me from getting a double on a 420 foot hit. This is a programming issue and one that was prevalent last year as well. Again, the programmers they have now simply are not good enough to,give us the product we are paying for.