Is Eck trash?

I’ve blown so many games with him and yesterday finally faced him and he blew the game for my opponent. Anybody have success with him and if so what you throwing? Please don’t say low sliders up and in sinkers. Lol

He only has three pitches, so it’s not that hard to just sit on either slider or fastball. He doesn’t throw hard either, so that doesn’t help.

Unfortunately sinkers are only effective if you throw them up in the zone. Complete opposite of real life, but that's just how it is in this game

He’s one of my best relievers. The sinker and slider play really well off each other because of his funky delivery, especially inside to righty’s. Mix in the fastball every now and then when people start sitting low on the weird break of his pitches and you can’t touch him.

He’s been horrible for me. I try to avoid using him.

He’s been hit or miss, pun intended

I've had great success with him

Depends on your opponent, if he can’t hit fastballs all game and hits off speed then he’s gonna hit eckersley

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