CPU Hitting

Is it just me or does the CPU hit homeruns on Veteran and All-Star like its on Legend. The number of homeruns I've given up in showdown and in general play against the CPU has been staggering. Especially on pitches that aren't in the middle of the plate

Always seems like there’s a couple ABs a game where they seem possessed and will do whatever they want regardless of how well you spot your pitches.

I play a lot of games on veteran (conquest) and while I give up an occasional dinger it is still a very low total. I can't speak for Showdown though as I have only tried it a couple of times.

You hang it, they bang it! That’s forsure, I feel ya brother. Charlie Blackmon launched an inside cutter the other night off of me.. I was baffled how far inside it was on him and it murdered

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