Add DH?

If pitchers are going to be useless for hitting (besides the child of christ ohtani card) id rather use a DH. There are so many good hitting cards i simply cant use because their fielding is awful (JD Martinez, Nelson Cruz etc) and in this years game fielding is atrocious so if i pull a god tier hitter that has sh!t fielding i just sell him. (My bench has good bats but their defense is actually good too like LS Gallo) Also in extra inning games its annoying to have your longest lasting reliever get pinch hit for to try and make something happen, and we know for sure theyre not getting a hit so its a tough decision that really shouldnt have to be made.

I would love a DH too. Now the devs have said that when the MLB transitions to having a universal DH for both the AL and NL, they will add a DH to DD. This may happen sooner than we think. Initially, before the season was supposed to start, it was looking like a universal DH would be added either next year or the year after. What I think will happen is that once baseball starts back up again, there will be a universal DH league wide, and baseball won’t look back. With the suggestion of rearranged divisions due to spring training facility location, there will be a universal DH league wide because they won’t be able to determine whether a division is AL or NL. If a modified spring training facility season with no fans happens, there will be a league wide DH, and that will be the end of pitchers hitting forever. I can’t imagine they have a half season of baseball where the DH is used for every team, and then go back to the old rule after COVID is “over.” I just don’t see there ever not being a DH again if the modified season actually happens. I expect a DH to be in next year’s Diamond Dynasty because of COVID.

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