Reggie or Ryno for Silver 1 help!


Lineup is

  1. Luis Robert Diamond CF
  2. Javy SS
  3. Cargo Diamond LF
  4. Sanchez Diamond C
  5. McCovey (Coulda used help on that pick )1B
  6. Judge gold RF
  7. Jose Ramirez 2B
  8. Bryant 3B

LS Story
Diamond Granderson
So either take ryno and put ramirez back at 3B benching Bryant or take Reggie and bench judge but judge has been dominant.


Ryno....there are a ton of solid hitting OF. Not as many great hitting 2B. Plus he has speed and power. Plus Reggie isnt better than your current corner OF


Thanks bud. I’ll def reconsider now. I was gonna go with Reggie.

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