Pitching Is Horrendous


I know there have been previous complaints about pitching, but I don't care. I think we'll continue to see them so as long as they're a constant issue in this game.

I use analog pitching. I think the most frustrating part of it is when a pitch is forced right down the middle of the plate when you've clearly aimed for the corners with perfect timing on the meter, and still. Majority of times the pitch gets jacked into the stands. Pitching attributes don't even apply related to pitch control, and if they do, they're not significant enough to adhere to user input. Control over pitch location definitely gets my vote for worse aspect of gameplay for this year's series.

Just venting and allowing others too, that may have recently played a game with similar type issues. Thanks for listening.


I feel ya bro , and I agree with you . Something that's helped me out a tad bit is to aim for the outside of the black just a bit instead of trying to sot it on the line ... hope it helps

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