Patch 1.09


Just sitting here not wanting to play the show, as you do, so I thought I’d look back at last years game and see how it was going 12 months ago. I was surprised to notice that patch 1.09 that addressed fielding issues didn’t release until May 14th and there was no Coronavirus outbreak last year to throw a spanner in the works. So, it looks like we’ve possibly got a while to deal with this [censored] yet.

•Diamond fielders will no longer make errors on routine ground balls.
(They can still make errors, just not on the routine set up low catches).
• Fixed an issue with player behavior near walls that was preventing fielders from branching to catch animations.


This post confused me because I skimmed it (my fault). Haha. I went to your link and read (reduced timing window), And got frightened. Haha. The timing window in this year’s game isn’t very large. So when I read that, I was thinking I’d see pitchforks this morning on here. Took me a good 5 minutes to realize I was reading last year’s notes.

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