Revamp RTTS

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revamp RTTS. Something more like NBA 2k where there's an actual narrative to the story, not just the same repetitive stuff. Also please give us something to spend the contract money on, such as maybe things to better our lifestyle such as materialistic things to effect our confidence, or training equipment to boost our playing, different levels of trainers to boost our recovery. I know tons of people would love a more in-depth mode

I doubt it will change significantly seeing as how they have already been changing it up over the last two years. I would be shocked to see them completely scrap that work already and start new.

Also, my guess is that the game is pretty feature locked for the MLB 20 version.

Everything is already locked in for this year. But I'm really hoping we see a real career mode. A storymode similar to NBA would be great for the minor leagues. Especially since the minors are so boring and useless as is. But once we get to the majors.. I want to see personality meter that can effect how teammates and fans view you. Which is turn can effect you during contract time. Could effect your worth for trades. This meter could change based on fan interaction on social media, interviews etc. Let use sign an agent. Why sports games don't do this is beyond me. Off the field choices, sign deals with real companies. Instead of making us buy gloves, cleats etc with Stubs.. Maybe we can earn them? Or at the very least throw a couple diamonds in there that can only be earned by reach a top level with a certain sponsor.

I know this is a hail mary. But I'd love to see online RTTS. How awesome would it be to do workout's with a friend. Play in a few games and watch each others draft stock raise and fall. Get drafted, then go our separate way with our ball clubs. (or maybe we get drafted by the same team!) I know it makes it a little bit of a challenge when you play multiple games a week. But other sports games make it work.

And for the love of everything! Please stop having the same team draft you year after year. I got drafted 4 or 5 times by Baltimore. If the option comes up and I say I prefer to skip signing.. the game should realize I don't want to play with that team!!!! And this is a yearly issue.

I honestly want them to make our rtts player more involved. For example in real life I remember in the playoffs all the commentators talked about was Juan Soto. I want my player to be the hot topic of each game, sure you can talk about the overall team or other players but make my rtts player more of the main topic. Even if he is slumping I still want you to talk about how bad he has been playing etc. Same thing with records. If he is currently on his way to pass someone in numbers I want to hear that.

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