Training points

Please bring back training points. I love the cap system but I would love to be able to purchase training points and apply to my player directly before he even plays a game in AA. Keep the cap but allow people to add training points until the cap for that attribute is reached. Then as you play your games starting in AA not only will you have a better overall and allow your player to reach the show quicker, when your training days come up you’ll just have to keep putting the cap up instead of both the cap and your attributes. That would make it much more enjoyable for people who don’t have the time to sit there and grind threw the minors as a 53 overall. I also wouldn’t mind if they got rid of the cap completely as this is a video game and if I want to max out a number of attributes I should be able to for the fun of the game. I understand why they implemented the cap in the first place to make game play more realistic based on the type of player you want to be but I wouldn’t mind going back to having training points in there somewhere.

Yes they should I loved that system

A system that gives option for both old and new ways to suit players who like either would be best.

I totally agree. The cap system was okay but I don't like it. I think the training points system was better. Get rid of caps and let us choose where we want to upgrade our player on. I don't like when the game choose for me. It's not right on a gamer aspect of playing.

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