1.09 Patch Discussion


Or... revert back. ( Pre patch )
Offence / hitting is also trash after the update.
Batting average from 330 + to 317 in a very few GM's.
Slugging from over 600 is in a plummet also.
I've checked with numerous people and the same is occurring with their hitting stats.
Heck the same type players i mercy ruled
Consistently are now square mashing hm runs and winning ( not base- ball ) but striking out 19 or 20 times too.
Pre patch one gm
Now ? A totally different gm.
The worst since release by far.
( all Comments and reference pertains to online rated gm play )



So that happened just now. Game was for WS and that was a homerun by potm didi with a 9 pci placement.

How does this happen maybe I didn’t play/watch enough baseball to comprehend this madness?


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@Pringle_Nation said in 1.09 Patch Discussion:

Here is my post patch experience so far.

Disclaimer: ALL these clips were taken post patch in the past couple of days!


Nice vid, but the music bro, woulda been better just to leave that part out ... But the video still made a good point, fielding is straight broken in this game ...

I added music because some of the clips I was in party chat and cursing extemely loud, figured I'd try and cover that up some.

Lol ok gotcha !

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