A few things I'd like to see in the game but probably wont, and one I know I wont.


For me it's the little things in franchise that hinge on the realism. Sure there are those big things we all want. But here are a few little things that would just add to it for me.

  1. 3 team trades or ability to send cash.

  2. Expand roster size to 100. Maybe leave a few of those slots open so teams can sign free agents or trade for more players without having to release others.

  3. Abilities to edit hair and facial hair on all players. I know this seems minor. But seeing guys with beards on the Yankees just doesn't seem natural and in real life players on other teams are always changing their hair and beard styles.

  4. Now this one is more of a venting session because I understand there are rules against this. But I'd love to see brawls back in the game. Along with ability for players or managers to argue with the umpire and get ejected. Granted I wouldn't use it all the time. But this was brought on by the fact that I'm currently in a heated series with the rival yankees in my sox franchise that could result with me being eliminated from contention. needless to say emotions run high during these games. And at times plunking a guy and seeing that stare down just doesn't seem like enough. In these situations. I'd love to take out frustrations with potential brawls or even have guys barking at the umpire on close calls and such. Let's face it. These things happen in real games all the time. Especially in rivalries or heated late season games that could result in elimination. I remember early on in the series some of these things happened and again I know there are rules against it now and I'll never see it. Sadly it's just a pipe dream.

I've played the show every year since 06 and I love it. These are just some things I'd like to see.


Adding in cash would be AWESOME!!! since we all know the bank is utterly worthless and resets for some stupid reason to 5 million every season.

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